3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Wait to Replace a Missing Tooth

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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Wait to Replace a Missing Tooth
If you’re missing a tooth, you’re far from alone. 120 million other Amercians are nursing a gap, too. Learn about the dangers of failing to address a missing tooth, and the treatments available to fix the problem.

Be sure to remember this about your smile: The only people who should be missing teeth are the under-10 set who believe in the tooth fairy. Adults missing one or more teeth shouldn’t allow the condition to go unaddressed — and not just for cosmetic reasons. 

Dr. Jerred K. Donald and his caring team help individuals living with missing teeth by offering several solutions for filling the gaps in their smiles. Dr. Donald has adopted the most advanced treatments from which you can choose, and he helps you arrive at the best one for you, depending on your goals and needs. At Cisco Dental in Cisco, Texas, you’re never a number, but an individual, no matter what service you need. 

Missing teeth: surprising statistics

Did you know that 120 million adults have already lost at least one permanent tooth? By age 50, Americans lose an average of a dozen teeth, including wisdom teeth. 

Tooth loss is caused by:

  • Dental decay
  • Severe gum disease
  • Traumatic injury 
  • Oral cancer

Older people are three times more likely to be missing teeth if they’re living in poverty, did not earn a high school diploma, or are tobacco users. Severe tooth loss is also 50% higher in those living with chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and asthma.

Urgent reasons to replace your missing tooth

A missing tooth has implications you may not have considered:

1. Bone loss

Periodontitis, or severe gum infection, harms your soft tissue, and as it advances, it destroys your tooth’s supportive structure — your bone. Then there’s nothing to keep your tooth securely in place.

2. Chewing and swallowing problems

Missing a tooth means you’re not able to chew your food completely and sufficiently. This poses a choking hazard, negatively affects your digestion, and may lead to unwanted weight loss. 

Swallowing issues can lead to pain when swallowing food, along with heartburn, and it could take you much longer to eat a meal.

3. Shifting teeth

A bad dental domino effect occurs when you lose a permanent tooth. Bone tissue beneath where your tooth was wears away (resorption), and the teeth that used to surround the missing tooth tend to shift toward the gap. Then, bite problems arise. 

When teeth shift, they’re harder to care for and clean. You’re at higher risk for decay and, unfortunately, more tooth loss. 

Remember too, that apart from these serious implications, a missing tooth makes you quite self-conscious, causing your self-esteem to suffer. 

Solutions for missing teeth

Fortunately, Dr. Donald offers innovative solutions for your missing tooth that eliminate these risks:

1. Dental implants offer a permanent solution. Dr. Donald takes images of your mouth in preparation for the production of your crown and the proper positioning of your implant post, a tiny metal piece that’s permanently placed below your gum and that your crown will attach to. The post acts as your new tooth root. 

At the time of your procedure, Dr. Donald numbs your treatment area before making a small incision in your gum so he can access your bone. This opening is where the implant will go. He may use an abutment, which connects the post to your crown. 

After Dr. Donald closes the gum tissue surrounding your post, healing time enables your bone tissue to fuse with the post. After you’re healed, you come back to our office so Dr. Donald can attach the crown to your post, and your smile is restored. 

You can get a single implant, or, if you need to replace your lower or upper arch of teeth, Dr. Donald offers implant-retained dentures, where four single implants hold an arch of false teeth. Implants maintain the health and strength of your bone tissue. 

2. A dental bridge is another permanent way to replace a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, especially if you still have many of your natural teeth in place.

They’re made up of a single or multiple false teeth anchored on both sides by dental crowns. Similar to having a crown placed, your bridge is matched precisely to your natural surrounding teeth.

Many people prefer bridges to dentures, because they don’t have to deal with the removal and care issues that accompany having dentures. Bridges last for years, are strong, and look wonderful. 

Don’t go another day without treatment for a missing tooth. Dr. Donald’s expertise, sensitivity, and attentiveness make him the perfect provider.

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